Coming January 2024

Can you make simple videos with your smartphone? If so, listen up and get paid up to $1,000’s monthly!

Many leaders on our team have been testing out a new, simple Amazon strategy and it’s working VERY WELL!


  • You can record quick product videos on your phone, upload them to Amazon, and get paid as shoppers watch your videos and purchase the associated products?
  • This new program is producing some amazing results for those who are jumping in.
  • No advanced skills, equipment or Hollywood personas required – just simple videos – no need to show your face if you don’t want to.

First – here’s some of what you don’t need:

  • No need to have a product to sell and there’s no inventory to buy – ever
  • No need to have any funds to join the Amazon program
  • You don’t have to drive any traffic or do any “marketing”
  • There’s no technical learning curve
  • There’s no software or subscriptions you’ll need
  • You don’t need photo or editing or filming skills (beyond the basics)
  • No need for a “camera friendly personality” and no need to even show your face on camera

This is about as simple as it gets.

If you can use your smartphone to make simple videos of products you already own or have access to,  and then upload those simple videos to Amazon, then we have a business opportunity for you that’s paying off VERY well!


This Amazon opportunity is free to set up, is wide open for everyone from newbies to experienced online sellers and can put some nice monthly cash in the bank – the same way it’s happening for so many of the leaders on the Proven Amazon Course leadership team who’ve already taken this same training!


We will be teaching our Proven Strategy for making bank by making short videos! 

We’ll show you the simple tools and strategies that you’ll need to create simple photos, livestreams or videos that will help guide eager shoppers towards an informed purchase – and you’ll get paid well to do it!


  • Access to a private Facebook group with experts and students (and leaders from our team who are already putting monthly cash in the BANK doing this)
  • Step by step access to get started in our brand new course NEVER TAUGHT IN OUR AMAZON SELLER COMMUNITY UNTIL NOW!
  • Examples of winning videos that are working NOW
  • The strategies that will ensure you get your first three videos right for approval – this is vital!
  • Ideas on how to get great products to review without having to buy the products
  • … much MUCH more!



Jim Ed is a husband and father of 2 boys and lives in the Dallas, TX area. He spent 18 years as a sales professional selling B2B.  Jim Ed always has a side hustle going.  He began in elementary school selling markers to other kids and has since painted mailboxes, done fence repairs, and learned to weld.

His side hustle partner, Andrew, introduced him to the Amazon Influencer program in February of 2023 and he is now averaging almost $4k per month with his best month being just over $6k.

Jim Ed and Andrew both have a passion for learning and helping others and are excited about this training and are so thankful to be doing it with Jim Cockrum and his awesome team!


Andrew is married, a proud dog dad of two lovable but crazy Labradors, actively involved with his church, and has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. His most lucrative business has been Amazon FBA, and he’s been actively pursuing that since 2014. 2023 has been the most impactful year for his Amazon business, as he left his full-time job in June 2023 and grew his Amazon business from $20K to $80k in October, 2023.

He became aware of Amazon Influencers in early 2023 and was able to get approved quickly and started making money almost immediately. Since then, he’s made over $6K and has continued to learn about it and partner with Jim Ed to teach others through a podcast and FB group. He really has enjoyed helping and mentoring others.


“Jim Ed and Andrew were very available for questions and their knowledge on this subject is superb.I have earned a total of $1187.89 since my first sale on July 9. $757.68 in the last 30 days alone. With my average if I have 100 videos it is about $1,000 a month in extra income. If I 5x this, that is $5,000 a month in extra income.” – Gaye M

“Andrew and Jim Ed have been very helpful in my Amazon Influencer journey. From coaching me on social media to helping me with my videos, they made the process easy and I started earning money right away.” – Cody J

“It’s been great so far and they’re great teachers and have done what they can to help people succeed. I haven’t created a video in over a month but I have 72 videos up now and the last 30 days have collected $662 in commissions. I’m going to seriously ramp up for Q4 and create tons of videos.” – Eric B


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