Can you make simple videos with your smartphone? If so, listen up and get paid up to $1,000’s monthly!

Listen to Mike’s story: He did $5800 in NET PROFIT his third full month – and that’s RESIDUAL!

Many leaders on our team have been testing out a new, simple Amazon strategy and it’s working VERY WELL!


  • You can record quick product videos on your phone, upload them to Amazon, and get paid as shoppers watch your videos and purchase the associated products?
  • This new program is producing some amazing results for those who are jumping in.
  • No advanced skills, equipment or Hollywood personas required – just simple videos – no need to show your face if you don’t want to.

First – here’s some of what you don’t need:

  • No need to have a product to sell and there’s no inventory to buy – ever
  • No need to have any funds to join the Amazon program
  • You don’t have to drive any traffic or do any “marketing”
  • There’s no technical learning curve
  • There’s no software or subscriptions you’ll need
  • You don’t need photo or editing or filming skills (beyond the basics)
  • No need for a “camera friendly personality” and no need to even show your face on camera

This is about as simple as it gets.

If you can use your smartphone to make simple videos of products you already own or have access to,  and then upload those simple videos to Amazon, then we have a business opportunity for you that’s paying off VERY well!


This Amazon opportunity is free to set up, is wide open for everyone from newbies to experienced online sellers and can put some nice monthly cash in the bank – the same way it’s happening for so many of the leaders on the Proven Amazon Course leadership team who’ve already taken this same training!


We will be teaching our Proven Strategy for making bank by making short videos! 

We’ll show you the simple tools and strategies that you’ll need to create simple photos, livestreams or videos that will help guide eager shoppers towards an informed purchase – and you’ll get paid well to do it!


  • Access to a private Facebook group with experts and students (and leaders from our team who are already putting monthly cash in the BANK doing this)
  • Step by step access to get started in our brand new course NEVER TAUGHT IN OUR AMAZON SELLER COMMUNITY UNTIL NOW!
  • Examples of winning videos that are working NOW
  • The strategies that will ensure you get your first three videos right for approval – this is vital!
  • Ideas on how to get great products to review without having to buy the products
  • … much MUCH more!


One of the requirements for getting into the Amazon Influencer program is having a Facebook business page, Instagram account, YouTube account, or TikTok account. You also need to have a few thousand followers for most of these platforms to get approved. While we have a module and Q&A’s focused on ideas and strategies for getting approved with your social media account, including growing a current account, getting an account from friends/family, or even starting an account from scratch, we cannot guarantee that you’ll be approved for the Amazon Influencer program. We do believe that if you follow our training, you will have the best chance of eventually getting approved, even if you aren’t initially approved.

Jim, Ed and Andrew were recently interviewed on the Silent Sales Machine Radio podcast. This interview captures the incredible potential of this new, free program.


Week 1 – What is the Amazon Influencer program and mindset

  • How does it work?
  • Why does it work so well?
  • How much money can you make, what is expected?
  • The type of mindset you should have to succeed short and long term
  • Approval process
  • Tips for getting approved
  • Q&A


Week 2 – Getting approved with your social media account

  • What account(s) are working best now?
  • Account set up
  • Getting followers
  • Making posts and engaging
  • Q&A


Week 3 – Getting approved with your first 3 videos

  • What is Amazon really looking for?
  • Importance of good sound and lighting
  • Importance of enthusiasm and authenticity
  • Optimal video length
  • Types of products to review
  • Perspective
  • Q&A


Week 4 – Best practices after being approved

  • What to say and what not to say in videos?
  • What products to review?
  • How to find products to review?
  • How many reviews should be done?
  • Equipment needed
  • Q&A


Week 5 – Scaling your product reviews

  • How to scale?
  • Mindset for success
  • Where to find products to review?
  • Accepting/finding suppliers
  • How to get others to do reviews for you?
  • Q&A


Week 6 thru 8 – Q & A



Jim Ed is a husband and father of 2 boys and lives in the Dallas, TX area. He spent 18 years as a sales professional selling B2B.  Jim Ed always has a side hustle going.  He began in elementary school selling markers to other kids and has since painted mailboxes, done fence repairs, and learned to weld.

His side hustle partner, Andrew, introduced him to the Amazon Influencer program in February of 2023 and he is now averaging almost $4k per month with his best month being just over $6k.

Jim Ed and Andrew both have a passion for learning and helping others and are excited about this training and are so thankful to be doing it with Jim Cockrum and his awesome team!


Andrew is married, a proud dog dad of two lovable but crazy Labradors, actively involved with his church, and has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. His most lucrative business has been Amazon FBA, and he’s been actively pursuing that since 2014. 2023 was the most impactful year for his Amazon business, as he left his full-time job in June 2023 and grew his Amazon business from $20K to over $90k in December, 2023.

He became aware of Amazon Influencers in early 2023 and was able to get approved quickly and started making money almost immediately. Since then, he’s made almost $8K (through Dec 2023) and has continued to learn about it and partner with Jim Ed to teach others through a podcast and FB group. He really has enjoyed helping and mentoring others.


“Jim Ed and Andrew were very available for questions and their knowledge on this subject is superb.I have earned a total of $1187.89 since my first sale on July 9. $757.68 in the last 30 days alone. With my average if I have 100 videos it is about $1,000 a month in extra income. If I 5x this, that is $5,000 a month in extra income.” – Gaye M

“Andrew and Jim Ed have been very helpful in my Amazon Influencer journey. From coaching me on social media to helping me with my videos, they made the process easy and I started earning money right away.” – Cody J

I finally took my first step in August and with the help of Andrew & Jim Ed I got accepted. In 3 short months AIP has completely changed my life and lit a fire in me that I haven’t had in a LONG time. I once again woke up this morning to a new personal best day. $644 in one day!!! That’s just crazy!” – Michael S

“It’s been great so far and they’re great teachers and have done what they can to help people succeed. I haven’t created a video in over a month but I have 72 videos up now and the last 30 days have collected $662 in commissions. I’m going to seriously ramp up for Q4 and create tons of videos.” – Eric B

Frequently asked questions

Is Amazon Influencers different from Amazon Associates?

The Amazon Influencer Program is an extension of the existing Amazon Associates program. At a base level the only difference between Amazon Influencers and Amazon Associates is that 

Amazon Influencer members get their own storefront where they can place all of their promoted products. Additionally, when you get approved for on-site placement as an Amazon Influencer, the earning opportunities increase vastly. This is what the focus of the course is. Once approved for on-site placement, creators review items that are already on Amazon, shoot videos, and then that content is placed on Amazon product listings. If your video or part of your video is viewed and the shopper buys the product, you get a commission. 

I’m not an “Influencer” and I’m not comfortable with being in “front of the camera”, can I still participate?

First, you don’t need to be a big “Influencer” to be successful with this program, however you need to be comfortable with shooting simple videos and recording yourself speaking about the product. You don’t necessarily need to show your face in any of your videos, however it appears that your chances of being approved into Amazon Influencers is higher if you show your face in your videos. All of this is covered in the course.

Why do I need this training?

You can certainly get approved for Amazon Influencers and participate in the program without this training. However, you will save a lot of time and trial and error if you invest in this course because we have been living and breathing Amazon Influencers for the past year and will teach you all the ins and outs of maximizing success with this program. You will also be part of an active Facebook group where you can learn from others and you’ll get any questions answered here or in the weekly Q&A’s.

If I live outside the US, can I still participate in Amazon Influencer?

While Amazon Influencers is offered outside of the US in a handful of other countries, the on-site placement component (the main emphasis of the course), is only available for and  (just launched) . If you live outside the US, you can sign up for an Amazon Influencer account at, but keep in mind, you will only be able to tag and receive commission for products that are available on  

Are sessions live or recorded?
The sessions are previously recorded. All sessions include previously recorded training and Q&A from students that attended the live session.

Have more questions?

Email us:  [email protected]



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Now Only – $97

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